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I often get asked… 

“What is Pilates? Isn’t it just like yoga?” 

Now yes there are some similarities between the two however NO they are not the same. The main difference is the focus during a session. Yoga mainly focuses on flexibility and mobility but Pilates focuses on core strength and body control. 

During both exercise sessions there will be an emphasis on breathing however again this is to achieve a different goal. Yoga breath control is to encourage relaxation and presence in your practice whereas Pilates breath control is to engage your diaphragm to create a strong inner core in which your movement all stems from.

Pilates itself was created by Joseph Pilates during WWI who originally called it “Contrology”. His development of exercises focused on using the mind to control the muscles, particularly paying attention to the core postural muscles. Through the years it has been developed into the popular exercise modality known today as Pilates. 

When you attend a session your mind and body will be challenged in strength, stability and coordination which are vital for any active individual. Although it is stereotypically a female style of exercise, anyone would benefit from Pilates because if you have solid foundations within your body you can build a more solid structure and physique. 

ReHub offer one to one sessions online with a free initial consultation to discuss your physical status, goals and create a tailor made Pilates plan for you.

Take a look at our exercise therapy section in our online services for prices and get in touch for your free consultation to get started!


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