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Re:Hub is an injury rehabilitation and wellbeing company supplying both in person and online services. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in many environments including elite sports, military bases and clinical settings we can provide everything you need to return to peak performance following the onset of an injury or prevention of further injury. 


Our Nottingham clinic (based in Sanctuary Fitness & Conditioning Gym on Essex Street, Eastwood) is where we offer injury assessment, rehabilitation, medical acupuncture, cupping, theragun and massage services. We also offer a variety of virtual services with our online clinic including injury advice/assessment, rehabilitation, exercise therapy and pilates. These can be booked at a time that best suits you in whatever environment you have available. Your goal is our goal. Whether it be returning from an injury, improving your physical fitness or maintenance treatments to prevent injury - we can help.


" Hi, I'm Mickila O'Boyle. I am a Sport Rehabilitator who qualified in 2014 and started this company in 2020. I have been lucky enough to have worked with elite athletes within rugby, softball, netball, cricket and athletics. Prior to that I have worked within military and community rehabilitation helping amputees and complex trauma clients. 

I describe myself as a "geek" in my line of work. If I don't know something then I will ensure I research, practice and educate myself until I fully understand it. This probably explains why I have a few extra qualifications including medical acupuncture, RFU PHICIS faculty and Pilates instructor. And I am now a part time lecturer at the University of Nottingham for Physiotherapy & Sport Rehabilitation where I get to fully realise my nerdiness and get future therapists to do so too.

I am a very passionate individual and believe every client should be treated as though they are an elite athlete and have access to the best care enabling them to return to their peak performance. "

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