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\\Full Injury Assessment: What to expect...//

What is this service?

A full injury assessment is an in depth look at a new or long standing injury, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation planning to commence the recovery pathway. This includes a series of questions for us to gain an understanding of the history of your injury, symptoms, previous medical history and goal setting for treatment session. There will then be some functional testing where some clothing may need to be removed to have access to the effected area however you will be appropriately covered at all times. We will look at range of motion, strength and movement patterning of the injured site and surrounding areas to gauge the effect it is having on your activity and general life. After assessment we will discuss a diagnosis and create a treatment plan to best improve your current status. Included in your first session is an initial treatment which could be massage, taping, acupuncture, cupping or exercise therapy. This will be determined upon your injury.

How can this help?

This service will suit any type of musculoskeletal injury whether it be old (chronic) or new (acute). Whatever the injury we can help get you the help you need. If we feel it is treatable then we will commence a rehabilitation plan with you however if we feel it requires further investigation we can assist with imagery or GP referrals. An injury can be debilitating and effect your life significantly but ignoring it can make it worse therefore having an assessment will help prevent deterioration and promote the healing process to return to full fitness.

What else do you receive?

After your first session a rehabilitation plan will be created for you including exercise programs, further treatment plans and independent management strategies. We use a system called RehabGuru which has images and videos of all your exercises and interactive features including timers, reminders and live feedback. It can be downloaded as an app for ease of use wherever you wish to complete your exercises.

You may require further review sessions and these are available as often as you feel neccessary. Costing will be dependent upon what treatment is required but will be clarified prior to booking for full transparency.


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